The Modeling Modules provide opportunities to develop deep knowledge of modeling and teaching modeling by studying the mathematical modeling process itself, fitting model parameters to data & validating models by comparison with real data, and addressing social and environmental issues with mathematical modeling. The materials utilize several frameworks for understanding the mathematical modeling process and developing expertise in teaching modeling.

The MODULE(S2) material is a unique resource for university instructors who teach mathematics courses that secondary prospective teachers take. The material is easy to use, adaptable to different student levels, and can be used in multiple ways ranging from brief modular lessons inserted into existing courses, to new courses built around the material, to professional development sessions. I have used the mathematical modeling lessons in my course multiple times and every year I am pleasantly surprised by the students’ level of engagement.

Ricardo Cortez, Pendergraft William Larkin Duren Professor in the Mathematics Department at Tulane University

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After taking this course, I feel so much more prepared in my ability to teach modeling. I feel that doing modeling and teaching modeling are interconnected.

Pre-Service Teacher

I cannot think of anything better to be teaching future teachers how to teach than modeling! MODULE(S2) materials were very useful in helping me do this.

module(s2) Instructor
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